Our School

 Highworth Combined School has a wide range of extra curricular activities. Pupils are under no obligation to attend these,
but most of our pupils appear to be very enthusiastic about the prospect of joining a club.
In the autumn term, children will bring home a letter outlining all the clubs on offer and they need to return a reply slip saying which club/s they would like to join. Certain clubs have to restrict membership to either specific ages, or numbers.
A Quiet Club is run each lunch time – any child can attend; there is no membership requirement.
We also have two peripatetic teachers who visit our school to teach guitar, violin and woodwind lessons to children in Years 4, 5 and 6.
These are extra-curricular, and if a parent wishes for their child to receive these lessons, they will need to fund it.
For more information, contact our Music Coordinator – Mrs Liz Martin.
Year 6 are very proud to lead some lunchtime activities for the younger children in the school. Please have a look at the timetable in school to see when it is your year group's turn to attend one of the lunchtime activities.