Highworth's Reading Challenge!

Our School

Can you have a go at recreating a front cover from a book you enjoy reading?  Be as creative as you like!  Mrs Harris had a go at Matilda…
Miss Galley has swapped to being Miss Daisy! 
Green card to Daisy in Reception for her recreation of, 'Room on the Broom'... absolutely fantastic; well done!
Well done Anam in Year 2; virtual green card on its way to you too!
Mrs Stewart - what a great effort! Dr Seuss would be impressed!
Mrs Lenehan has gone all out to recreate a funny David Walliams book, 'Awful Auntie'! Top efforts!
Zaineb in Y1 recreates Florence Frizzball!  Well done Zaineb!
Zac (Year 4) and Henry (Year 2) have done a fantastic job at recreating the front cover of 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'!
Green card to Sofia in Reception who has done a fantastic job of recreating the front cover of 'The Singing Mermaid'!  Well done Sofia!