Always cross a road when there is a zebra crossing or an island in the middle of the road. 
If there is a lolly pop man or lady even better! Cross safely with them! 

If you are walking at night time it would be sensible to wear a high visibility jacket. At Highworth we all have one and we wear them to stay safe. This makes you visible to cars when it is dark.

If you walk to school once a week you will get a badge at the end of the month to recognise your achievement. Every month the badge changes and in total there are 11 to collect.

If your parents or carers allow you to walk to school you must make sure you do this safely. It will help the environment and will make you healthier!

If you do not currently walk to school it is a great idea to try. If you cannot walk the whole way maybe park your car a little further away from school and walk the rest of the way!

We hope you will reconsider driving to school and start walking.

Thank you very much!

The Junior Road Safety Officers
at Highworth Combined School and Nursery.