What's Happening in PE

Spring 2020
Highworth Sporting Fixtures September - February
Yr group   Date            Event     
   5/6     23/10/19    Boys' Football Cup Match (C Team)
    4      25/10/19    Sports Hub - Netball Festival
    5/6    6/11/19     Boys Football Cup Match 
    3-6    8/11/19     Intra-house Benchball Tournament
    5/6    11/11/19   Girls' Football Tournament
    5/6    13/11/19   Girls' Friendly Football Tournament
    6      15/11/19   Sports Hub - Tag Rugby
    3/4    20/11/19   Hockey Friendly Match
    1      22/11/19   Sports Hub Gymnastics
    5/6    22/11/19  Netball Tournament
 Reception 29/11/19  Sports Hub - Gymnastics 
    5/6    4/12/19   Boys' Football League Match 
    5/6    22/1/20   Boys' Friendly Football Match 
    5/6    10/2/20   Boys' Football League Match 
(Cedar Park Football League Match to be confirmed early March)
Other News
We continue to run Mile A Day during break and lunchtimes, trying to promote healthy lifestyles and get the children more active while outside. 
Sports Leaders
We have appointed new Sports Leaders this term. Various children from from each house group have volunteered their services. The children help set up and run lunchtime activities for the other children and support in counting the miles during Mile A Day. They meet every Tuesday break-time to discuss any issues arising and talk about future activities and events they would like to run.
Autumn 2019
This term Year 2 and Year 5 have both attended sport events at Holmer green school as part of our Sports Hub.  Year 2 children participated in a multi-skills event earlier in the term where they enjoyed playing a large variety of mini games and developing their sporting skills. Year 5 participated in a football event showing great play from all children. It was lovely to see some children's confidence and enthusiasm grow as the afternoon went on allowing themselves to get more involved. The event was a massive success and our children performed brilliantly, winning multiple games and most importantly persevering until the final whistle when we may have not been winning. Well done year 5!
Upcoming Festivals
Next week Year 4 are due to attend their Netball event. The children have been practising in lessons and at lunchtime.

On Wednesday 16th September Highworth hosted St. Teresa’s School for a Hockey event. Highworth entered three teams and St. Teresa’s entered four teams all from years 5 and 6. The teams competed in two leagues to gain points on the league table. The event was very enjoyable, and our Hockey team represented the school in a great light, demonstrating good sportsmanship qualities and enthusiasm. We are pleased to say that at the end of the tournament Highworth A (Blues) were the runners up in League one just behind St. Teresa’s A (Yellows). Highworth B (Greens) and C (Yellows) finished level on points as joint winners of League two. It is worth noting that this was our first competitive hockey fixture and we were very proud of our talented young sports men/women. Well done to you all.

Upcoming Competitions

Next Wednesday we are participating in the first round of the Boys' District Cup hosted by Hamilton. We will play 5 matches each lasting 10 minutes. On Wednesday 13th November we are due to play in the Girls' Distict cup at Tylers Green Middle School. The girls are really excited to be wearing their brand new kit and we hope it will bring them good luck.


Monday -Years 1-3 Ultimate Frisbee

Tuesday - Years 5 and 6 Gymnastics, Years 5 and 6 Lacrosse

Wednesday -Years 3-6 Fitness Fun, Year 5 and 6 Netball Club, Seido Karate (external)

Thursday - Year 2-6 Multi - Skills, Year 4-6 Ultimate Frisbee

Friday - Year 5 and 6 Boys and Football Club

Other News

Chance to Shine Cricket Coach

This term the children in year 1 have been really lucky to have the opportunity of working with a cricket coach called Stuart. He has been developing their skills and promoting the sport through various mini games.

Other News

Highworth is delighted to announce we have been awarded the bronze School Games Award for our efforts in all elements in physical activity last year. This is a great achievement and is a collective effort from the entire school including children and staff! Our PE team is now determined to improve all elements of physical activity further to achieve nothing less than a gold medal award at the end of this school year! Thank you to everyone that has helped us towards this great achievement.

Summer 2019

This term Year 2 and Reception have both had the opportunity in attending a multi- skills event as part of our Holmer Green Sports Hub. The children all enjoyed participating in a variety of activities throughout the afternoon and honed their skills. Year 6 played Volleyball for their Sports Hub event and competed against local schools. It was really nice to see the children put into action what they had learnt in lessons and develop their skills further. In June, Year 3 participated in a Cricket festival and played mini games against four other schools.
Some lucky children in Years 5 and 6 also attended a multi- skills event at John Hampden Grammar School run by our local School Games Organiser. The children completed a 'round robin ' of athletics based activities and enjoyed the all inclusive nature of the afternoon. 
Sadly all competitions had to be put on hold this term due to my hip having to be replaced. Mr Bailey and Mr Burnard have been holding the fort with Mrs Lenehan and Mrs Hasty filling in where needed. We had planned on attending a cricket competition at Wycombe Cricket Club but due to poor weather it had to be rearranged at short notice and we were unable to attend. We are hoping to put lots in the diary for the new academic year and intend on prioritising inter - schools competitions in Key Stage 2. The PE team are also keen to hold a different intra - school, house, sports competition each term. Watch this space for news!!
On July 17th we are attending a Swimming gala at Wycombe Leisure Centre. Twelve talented children have just been selected and will get to compete against four other schools. The standard is very high we are all looking forward to a great afternoon.
Monday - Year 1 and 2 Athletics
Girls' Fitness - Years 3-6
Tuesday - Year 3 -6 Tennis 
Wednesday - Seido Karate (external)
Year 3-6 Running  
Year 3 and 4 Multi skills 
Thursday - Years 3-6 Athletics 
Friday - Years 3-6 - Cricket
Other News
Chance to Shine Cricket Coach 
In the early part of the Summer term we were lucky to have the chance to work with a Wycombe Cricket coach called Adam Dobbs. He worked with Year 3 children to develop their cricket skills and promoted a brand new Chance to Shine club based at the cricket ground. Lots of the children signed and up and it was great to see some of the more unusual children show a flare for the sport.
Sports Day
We had a great Sports Day last week. All children from Years 1 - 6 participated in six different activities and then selected children competed in a sprint or a long distance race. We had fabulous weather and all the children had lots of fun trying to earn points for their House group. Aylesbury Grammar School kindly offered the services of their Sports Leaders and brought along fifteen boys to help. This was greatly appreciated and we thank Mr McGill and all of the boys for helping make it a memorable day.
Early Years Sports Day 
Another successful event. All the little competitors got to compete in three different races from egg and spoon, dressing up race to a traditional sprint down the line. We have some real talent - we can't wait to see what they can do in Year 1 and further ups the school.
New Kits for Girl's football
The new kits have arrived. We are looking forward to September to play some fixtures with our new team. The girls' team this year only conceded one match so they have a lot to live up to in the coming year.
Breaking News
We are really excited to announce that we have employed another sports coach to join our PE team. Mr Lee Hawkes will be joining us in September on a full-time basis, teaching PE and running a variety of lunch time and after school clubs. 
Spring 2019
On January 18th Year 1 participated in a Gymnastics festival. The children all got to try out different activities with lots of unusual equipment. They had lots of fun investigating travelling down the apparatus in a variety of ways and improved their ability to roll .
We are currently trying to reorganise the recently cancelled Reception festival
Upcoming Festivals 
Year 4 Tag Rugby festival - 8th March 
Year 2 Football festival - 22nd March 
Upcoming Competitions
29th April Tri -Golf Event at Hazlemere Golf Club
10th June Cricket Competition at High Wycombe Cricket Club
20th June Athletics competition at John Hampden Grammar School
We continue to employ a specialist games teacher who encourages children to play co-operatively with one another, whilst in a safe inclusive environment. Mr Burnard and his team will be working with different year groups to work towards our festivals this term. 
We are really pleased to introduce Karl Bailey as our new Sports Coach, who further encourages active lunchtimes and participation in after school clubs. Mr Bailey focuses on Reception on Monday, Year 1 on Tuesday and Wednesday and Year 4 on Thursday and Friday.
After Christmas we have arranged for half of Year 6 to go swimming during PE lessons. The other half of the year group will attend in the Summer term. We hope that this will enable more children to meet the national criteria of 25 metres by the time they leave for secondary school.  Year 4M are continuing their lessons until February half term and 4S will follow until the end of the year.
Multi - skills 
Mr Bailey is presently working with a selection of children in Years 3 and 4 on a Friday after school. They play a variety of fun games and activities to improve their basic sporting skills. Some weeks the children do invasive games, athletics activities or play mini games.

Boys Football
On 31st October we competed in a match against Downley School. Sadly we conceded a defeat but lessons were learnt and we put into action a new plan. We played another match against Kingswood at the beginning of November and the team was much better at staying in position and working together.  The boys won 4-2 and played brilliantly. They can't wait to play again on December the 10th against The Hamilton school.
Girl's Football
Our new Sports Coach Karl Bailey has introduced a new Girl's Football club to Years 5 and 6. The girls have been lucky enough to play two friendlies against Kingswood and Ash Hill. They won their first and  second match and showed great sportsmanship and respect toward the opposition. We have organised one more match and we are hoping their luck will continue.
Years 1 and 2 are working with Mr Burnard on Thursday to develop their throwing, catching, batting and fielding skills.
Tag Rugby
We are presently running  a club for children in Years 5-6. The children participate in a selection of drills and generally end the session with matches.
Girl's Archery
The club has proven very popular with the girls. We presently have the maximum number of 12 children on the register and a waiting list for next term.
Netball club
The club are continuing to practise on a Thursday after school and the girls have enjoyed playing matches against each other. We have entered a team into the local netball league and can’t wait to compete in some matches.
Boxing/ Fitness Club
Mr Bailey presently works with Years 3 and 4 on a Tuesday after school. The club aims to teach the children the basic concepts of Boxing and Fitness. The children have had the opportunity to carry out some pad work with Mr Bailey, do some shadow boxing whilst improve on their punching techniques.

Active Gamerz
This club started again back in September. It is a fun filled active club where children combine their sports ability with their love of gaming. They compete against each other in teams to improve their skills in different sports and this may lead to competing against other schools nationally.
Update - Unfortunately as of February 2019 Active Gamerz no longer runs at the school due to the owner Richard Tweed scaling down his business to focus on other ventures. 
Karate Club
Certain children in Years 3 - 6 are enjoying the hands on nature of our Seido Karate club. This is run by an external instructor called Sensai Suzie and she has taught the children how to count to 20 in Japanese and various other skills. It is a great way to focus the children's minds and teaches them discipline in a controlled environment.

Other News
At he beginning of November a selection of children attended a Panathlon disability competition. The children competed against other schools in Bucks and were able to paticipate in various events. Boccia, Polybat Table cricket and Kurling were some of the activities. It enabled all the children to compete at their level in a safe, all inclusive environment. The children all won medals and overall we were runners up which was a fantastic result after a thoroughly enjoyable day.
New Kits for Girls's football
I have managed to secure a brand new kit for the girl's football team. Unfortunately it is not due to arrive until April 2019 but it will be very appreciated when it does.
Silver Quality Mark - We are also pleased to announce that this year we have achieved a Silver Quality Mark from the Youth Sport Trust. It rewards schools for their commitment to and development of competition in school sport.
Autumn 2018
Highworth have signed up to the the Holmer Green Sports Partnership again this year and as part of the package we are given the opportunity of participating in a variety of different sports. Each year group is offered two different festivals to attend across the year. The format of the afternoons vary and they sometimes involve mini - games and other times the children perform a multi skills type activity where they rotate around the different groups. Sports leaders from Holmer Green Upper school oversee the activities and referee the matches to give them experience of leading a small group.
This half term we have attended three different festivals. Year 5 participated in Football, Y6 played Tag Rugby and Year 3 competed in Basketball. The children all had great fun and competed against a variety of different schools in the group.