World Book Day Lower School assembly

26th February 2018

Foxy Loxy visited Highworth to give her side of the traditional tale 'Chicken Licken.'  Foxy Loxy (aka Mrs Marshall) re-told the 'real events' that unfolded that day to Nursery, Reception and children from Years 1 - 3.  The bird brains Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky etc. all ran around demanding to see the King to tell him the sky was falling down! Everyone knows is was only an acorn that fell from an oak tree - and, more to the point - we don't have a King of England, we have a Queen on the throne! 


Foxy showed true Highworth learning behaviours by showing perseverance and determination to get her point of view across - she did not eat the birds, instead she locked that mad feather brain Chicken Licken in her Loxy Boxy instead.


Warning parents - Chicken Licken has temporarily been allowed to visit Nursery, Reception and Years 1 - 3 this week as long as she behaves herself and doesn't start clucking about the snow! 

Now that's another story, but in the meantime, I'll "let it go..."