Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Foundation Stage Curriculum is for children in both Nursery (FS1) & Reception (FS2).

This phase is vital and builds on prior learning and experiences and prepares for life-long learning.  

Throughout this phase the children will be following the Foundation Stage Curriculum in seven areas of learning. Each learning area has Early Learning Goals which the children will cover through a series of themes. Well planned play and popular stories will be central to their learning as they explore the world around them, ask questions, extend their skills and build on what they already know.

 The 7 areas of learning are:

Prime areas:
Communication and language;
Physical Development; and
Personal, Social & Emotional Development
Specific areas:
Understanding the World; and
Expressive arts and design
Communication and language 
This area covers important aspects of language development and provides the foundation for Literacy. Children will be helped to acquire competence in English -  making use, where appropriate, of their developing understanding and skills in other languages. The goals focus upon children developing competence in talking and listening and in becoming readers and writers.

Personal, Social & Emotional Development
This area focuses on children learning how to work, play and co-operate with others and function in a group beyond their family. Children will also cover important aspects of personal values and an understanding of self and others.

This area covers important aspects of mathematical understanding and provides the foundation for Numeracy. The focus here is on achievement through practical activities and on using and understanding language in the development of basic, simple mathematical ideas.

Expressive arts and design
This focuses on the development of children’s imagination and their ability to communicate and express their ideas and feelings in creative ways, through music, role-pay, drama and art activities.

Physical Development
This focuses on children’s developing physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills in both indoor and outdoor environments. They include establishing positive attitudes towards a healthy and an active way of life.


This area of learning focuses on developing children’s ability to link sounds and letters and to begin to read and write. Children are provided with a wide range of literature including books, poems, magazines, newspapers and other written materials which ignite their interest. Other areas of learning also contribute to the successful development of Literacy.


Understanding of the World
This focuses on children’s developing knowledge and understanding of their environment, other people and features of the natural world. They provide a foundation for learning in history, geography, science, design and technology and information and communication technology.