Partnership with Parents

Partnership with Parents
As parents you are the first educators of your children. We believe in a close link with parents/carers, as we join you in educating your child. Good communication will enable us to work closely with you to provide an individual knowledge and understanding of your child. We also develop strong links with other child care providers that your child may use, e.g. child minders and after school clubs, day nurseries, etc.
Parent meetings
Throughout your child’s time in the Foundation Stage, we have opportunities to meet informally about your child’s progress; however we have an open door policy where we can speak to you as and when required.
How can you help us?
Supporting your child’s learning 
Each half term we will inform you of our topics and weekly activities, which will give you the opportunity to support your child’s learning at home.
Bringing in old/unwanted items from home 
We are always in need of equipment for model making, e.g. cardboard boxes, tubing, old buttons, lace, ribbon, etc. What you may consider to be rubbish, could be just the treasure we need! Parents (subject to a cleared CRB) can help with cutting out, etc. Please contact your child’s key worker/teacher if you wish to help.
Nursery Voluntary Contribution 
In line with other Foundation Stage settings, we ask for a voluntary contribution of £5 per child, each term, for extra supplies such as ingredients for baking, making play dough, model making, exotic fruits etc.
Settling into Highworth Combined School and Nursery
The first few weeks are a vital time for your child to feel safe, secure and confident. Therefore by admitting the children a few at a time, we find that the children settle more quickly and easily into their new routine. This makes the transition as smooth as possible for both children and parents/carers.  We understand that young children vary tremendously in the way that they react to new experiences; some children may take longer to settle than others.