Little Warriors

What is the 'Little Warriors' group?
Little Warriors are based in ‘The Snug’ near the HID.  It provides a safe and supportive environment for pupils who need support for positive emotional, social and cognitive development.  Close relationships are developed with each child, enabling anticipation of difficulties, quick intervention and a tailored approach to each child’s particular needs and stage of development.  Little Warriors is part of the continuum of support provided in an inclusive nurturing school making the individual needs of every child and its family a priority.
Who works with the children?

Two trained and skilled members of staff work closely together, providing a safe, predictable setting, partly domestic but also very structured.  This ensures that early learning opportunities can be recreated.  Little Warriors will be overseen by Caroline Day, Inclusion Deputy Headteacher. 

 In Little Warriors you will see:

  • Security, routines and boundaries
  • Trusting relationships with two adults who offer consistency, interest and commitment
  • Attention to transitions
  • Direct teaching and learning
  • A setting with the atmosphere of a secure home
  • A sense of containment
  • Play and expression work
  • Opportunities for meaningful group interaction and the development of trust and appropriate social skills
  • An awareness of the impact of personal feelings 
A typical afternoon with Little Warriors
  • Registration with peers in class
  • Pupils collected from class by Little Warriors’ staff
  • Welcome and circle time
  • Adult led activity following the Year 1 curriculum
  • Child led activity
  • Snack time
  • Celebration/story time
  • Little Warriors dismissed from ‘The Snug’