School Council

In School Council we will be discussing the following topics this year:
In our school we raise awareness of bullying. We encourage our students to not bully other people. To help bring this message across we have an Anti-Bullying week. We make posters and various other things like banners to remind people, whether they are in this school or not, not to bully and what to do if you witness or experience bullying. In our meetings we talk about the different ideas to help stop bullying.

Children in Need
For Children in Need we find ideas to help children in poor countries. Every year we try to raise money and this year, the Year 6 pupils held stalls all based around a teddy bear theme. All the children in the school helped by buying things from the stalls, or paying to guess the name of the teddy. This year we managed to raise over £200 to give to Children in Need!
Stranger Danger
Every year we talk about stranger danger when it is near a holiday. We talk about how to keep safe during the holidays and making sure that you don't talk to strangers even if they offer you a sweet or money. We think that it's important that all age groups know how to avoid this danger.

Changing our School
We listen to our classmates and meet with them every Wednesday during assembly time to see if they have any concerns or things they want changed. As the class reps, we then report back to the School Council at our weekly meetings.