Trips & Visits

At Highworth we like to offer as many opportunities for learning outside the classroom as possible. In order to make the trips readily available and as efficient and manageable as possible, we ask for one consent form to be signed at the beginning of each academic year; this gives consent to all trips during that academic year. 

To encourage free trips and more regular outdoor learning, we have created a Local Learning Area specific to Highworth.  By signing the attached consent form, children at Highworth can more routinely access the local area as part of their curriculum without the need of the school chasing up families who haven’t returned consent forms each time!

As you can see on the map, within our identified Learning Area our curriculum is enriched by the Totteridge Recreation Ground, the woods opposite the school, residential roads to look at buildings, a church, a mosque and a parade of shops. We want to encourage more trips to the local area and encourage our parents to sign the consent form each year.