It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to Highworth Combined School and Nursery’s website. I hope that here you will find a flavour of the vibrant, inclusive and thriving school that is Highworth.

Having joined the school as head in April 2017, I still feel new to the role (my predecessor established the school and then stayed for 21years so perhaps you’ll understand why!). However, I am very familiar with Highworth Combined School. I have been a parent, Chair of Highworth Friends, Learning Support Assistant, Student Teacher, Class Teacher and member of the Senior Leadership Team.  My association with the school, which started 14 years ago, has given me a deep understanding and appreciation of the values and ethos that make Highworth the very special place that it is. As OFSTED wrote in our most recent inspection report:


Relationships are very strong and there is mutual respect between pupils and adults. The high levels of care are recognised and appreciated by parents. One parent commented: ‘Members of staff are fantastic; they put the well-being and the education of the children first.’


One pupil made the following comment: ‘Teachers and adults make you feel safe. They always know what to do and how to make you feel better.’


During the course of my time here, I have worked with representatives of all parts of our community to develop and clarify this ethos. As a result of this process we have produced ‘The Highworth Carr’. It represents the values that we hold dear and which we will strive to develop in our pupils as they progress through our school. During the next few weeks and months we will be doing more work to develop our understanding of what these values look and sound like, for both children and adults.

If, after looking at our website, you would like to visit the school in person, I would be delighted to show you around. I set aside time each week for prospective parents and to arrange a visit you need simply contact our school secretary, who will arrange an appointment.

Mrs Clare Pankhania