Highworth has a strong team of individuals, each of whom bring a vast variety of knowledge and skill which forms our governing body. This team helps ensure that the school is run to the best of its abilities with the resources available.
At Highworth the staff and governors have very clear aims. Academically we try to achieve the highest possible standards by having a structured teaching programme that includes monitoring and assessment so that each child’s needs are identified and met in an appropriate way. We want our environment to be happy and secure, caring and well disciplined, stimulating and inspiring.
Below you will be able to read about the individuals that make up the team as well as gain a little insight into their backgrounds.
David Thomas


Chair of Governors
Business/Personal Interests:

I have been a governor since 2017, and held the role of Chair since 2018. I really enjoy working with my fellow governors, the teachers and the wider school community to help Highworth go from strength to strength. Outside of school I work full time for English Heritage developing interpretation for historic sites across England.

Nicola Bibby

Vice Chair

Vice Chair of Governors
Co-opted Governor
Business/Personal Interests: None

I have two sons, Thomas and Daniel, who went to Highworth but are both now at secondary school. Thomas and Daniel loved their time at Highworth. I have always tried to be involved with their school, from helping in class or on trips and more recently with the PTA and being Class Representative, becoming a Governor seemed a natural progression. I enjoy working with the other Governors and staff at Highworth and making a positive contribution.

Clare Pankhania


Business/Personal Interests: Member of Staff

In my role as Head Teacher, I am very luck to work with a diverse governing body with a wide range of skills and attributes. I have had some experience of working as a Governor as my previous role involved me being a Staff Governor at King’s Wood School. I know that my vision for delivering the best possible primary education to your children is fully supported by the governors of the school and that we will be able to work in partnership, in challenging times, to achieve our goals.

Emma Starling

Co-opted Governor

Business/Personal Interests: None

I have two daughters who both started their time at Highworth in the Nursery. I have enjoyed helping at school since the girls started in the Nursery and became more involved when I was elected as a Parent Governor in November 2012. It is a great privilege to be more involved with the school and to have the opportunity to work with the other governors and teachers at Highworth. Away from school, I work for a market research company.

Matt Lamming

Co-opted Governor

Business/Personal Interests: None

I have been a governor at Highworth since 2007 originally as parent governor and more recently as a Co-opted governor. I have two children that have benefitted hugely from the education they received and from being part of the community at Highworth. My children are now at Unversity and Secondary school and have happy memories of their time at Highworth.

I am currently Chair of our Premises, Personnel and Finance Committee. My governor duties fit around a busy family life and a career as an IT manager for GlaxoSmithKline. Although it is sometimes difficult to find time to fit everything in, being a governor at Highworth is one of the most personally rewarding things I do.

Emma Brunell

Co-opted Governor

I have two young boys, one of whom is soon to move into Reception at Highworth. He leaves school every day bursting with excitement to tell me about all the fun he has had. I consider us very fortunate that Highworth School and Nursery has so many compassionate and dedicated teachers who are committed to the children’s development and well-being. I would like to reciprocate this effort by working as a Governor to help support the school to continue and to grow.

In my professional life I am the Ward Manager for surgery at High Wycombe hospital; I recently moved from Neurosurgery. I am also currently studying for my second Masters Degree so am truly an advocate for education and the positive rewards it brings.

Jennifer Peers

Co-opted Governor

I currently have three daughters at Highworth in Year 6, Year 4 and Year 1, who have settled extremely well and are very happy at the school.

As a full time teacher myself, I wanted to play as full a role as possible within the school. Firstly, I joined the PTA in 2013 and then went on to be Chair for 4 years. Through that time, I was able to get to know both the staff and children better and thus fully appreciate what a happy and thriving school Highworth is. I was keen to then further my involvement by becoming a Governor which I did in 2019. I am looking forward to working with the other governors and the teachers at Highworth as well as developing a greater knowledge of the school and staff.

Sanam Khan

Co-opted Governor

I have lived in High Wycombe since 2011 and my eldest is currently in Year 1 and my youngest has recently started Nursery.

Professionally, I am a commercial lawyer currently working in the public sector. I feel, as every parent does, that my children deserve the best possible education. Highworth has seen a huge amount of improvement over the past few years. As a parent governor, I hope to be part of a team that can continue to move the school forward for the benefit of all the children.

Fiona Gee

Co-opted Governor

I have two young children both who are at Highworth. My youngest has just started Nursery and has already settled in so well and always has a smile on her face when we mention school. My eldest it just the same, he loves his teachers and friends and always looks forward to going. I am so happy that we found Highworth as a school for my children, as the teachers are caring, dedicated, knowledgeable and lots of fun! I am looking forward to working with the Governor Team to help develop the strategic vision of the school and support all the staff.

I am currently a Secondary PE teacher at Wycombe Abbey. I am passionate about all this education and sport, and look forward to assisting the school wherever I can. Alongside this, I have experience as a governor at another primary school where I held the role of Safeguarding Governor and Link Governor for Assessment.

Masoud Shah

Co-opted Governor

I have three boys, the eldest started in reception in 2011 and is now at secondary School, middle child is currently in year 5, and the youngest is in Nursery. As a young boy, I attended this School then known then as Terriers Middle school and have lived in Terriers all my life. Having been part of the community for so many years, I felt it was time to get involved further.

Professionally I have a background in marketing communications and now run my own photography business. If you've ever visited the Highworth School website, you'll have seen some of my photographs.

Shabana Hussain

Co-opted Governor

As a parent to three children at the school, I am very pleased to have joined the governing body from 2018. I used to be a pupil at the school when it was known as Terriers Middle school.

I have served in the education sector for fifteen years, have experience in governance and regulatory matters and have worked with external professional bodies such as Ofsted. I am very passionate about education and currently work in the Higher Education sector. I will be part of the Curriculum Committee as I have a broad interest in curriculum development and am very versed in the academic world.

Saima Ibrahim

Co-opted Governor

I am a mum to two boys at Highworth Combined, the youngest having just joined September 2019! I have always been fond of doing something for the education sector and started my journey as a parent governor at my eldest's nursery in Slough, in 2017, where I continue to be a parent governor as well. My day job involves working in the NHS healthcare sector, another area where my passion lies. I have experience in heading up health and safety as a parent governor. I think it is so important to be involved in a sector where your child is given so much, it's always good to give something back to the community.

Georgina Sears

Parent Governor

I have a long history with Highworth having attended its predecessor, Terriers First School, and now with my own daughter having started at the school in September 2020. I feel privileged to work with the other Governors and school staff to support Highworth in being a thriving and inclusive environment for our children and wider school community.

Professionally I work as a Programme Manager for a national mental health charity for children and families and also support people's personal and professional development as a coach.

Beth Byrne

Associate Governor

I have lived in High Wycombe since 2007 and, as Highworth is our neighbourhood school, both my sons have attended. I have a lot of respect for the staff at Highworth and the values they teach our children and look forward to understanding more about how the school is run and helping it continue to evolve and thrive.

Working in the arts and culture sector for over twenty years, I am passionate to see how they can play a part in school, both in, and out, of the curriculum. My husband is a primary school teacher and, as a family, we value our amazing local environment and we are both big fans of outdoor learning.

Rachael Small

Local Authority Governor

I have two teenage sons who attended Highworth. They both enjoyed their time at Highworth and took part in many of the extra-curricular activities, particularly sports – both now developing their sporting skills following on from the support, inspiration and encouragement from the teachers.
I have been involved with Highworth for many years and helped to oversee Highworth After School Club for several years. I have worked in education for over twenty years as a teacher and now Deputy Headteacher. I am privileged to be part of the governing body at Highworth.

Jana Lenehan

Staff Governor

I joined Highworth in 2013 and became a staff governor in 2019. My role as a classroom cover supervisor enables me to work with children across the whole school - from Nursery all the way to Year 6. I am also very fortunate to be able to work with all the amazing teachers and support staff that we have here at Highworth. As a result, I have a good knowledge of the curriculum and the school as a whole. I am very excited to work with other governors in ensuring that every child gets the best possible education.