Highworth Breakfast and After School Club

Highworth Breakfast Club is open each weekday from 7.45am and the After School Club is open each weekday straight after school until 5.30pm. 

There will also be provision for child care during some Inset Days. This is open to pupils from other local schools as well as Highworth and is open from 7.45am until 5.30pm. This provision was established in line with Government wishes to expand 'wrap around care' for working parents and we believe this is successfully fulfilling that role. The Breakfast and After School Club is located in the 27th High Wycombe Sea Scout Headquarters, within the school grounds.

This is a self-sufficient organisation, run independently from Highworth School.


To book a place or to make any enquiries, please call Marie Petrie on 07951 528503, visit the Club between 3.00pm and 5.30pm or email: hasc18@hotmail.com